About Us

   Pediatrics South has been providing care for over 60 years.

   A simple statement, but think about what that means. We have patients who not only grew up coming to us, but are now bringing their children, and in some cases, their grandchildren to us! We have built a reputation and a presence in the community for over half a century. The practice has seen a lot of history and has been influenced by many things which have shaped the healthcare field. Unlike simpler times, we are now in a healthcare environment which is being bombarded by financial, political, and social forces. Rather than try to simply ride out the storm, Pediatrics South has made a conscious and strategic choice to set goals for ourselves.

The following are guidelines we use to choose and evaluate the decisions we are faced with:

* Deliver the finest pediatric care in the city.
* Foster a supportive environment for the staff.
* Improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities.
* Encourage and nurture our staff to achieve their personal goals.
* Analyze and plan for external issues affecting the healthcare field.
* Create an atmosphere that is collaborative and collegial.
* Build and expand relationships with the community.
* Maintain financial solvency and remain fiscally aware.

   These are not a static set of words. These goals cascade throughout the practice, from deciding which services to offer, to performance appraisals, to deciding how and when to paint the office. Likewise, we regularly do reality checks to make sure these are the goals we need to strive towards.